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About Me

Who I am

Hi there! My name is Nav Pal and I am a software developer based in Toronto, specializing in web development. I have always been amazed by the endless possibilities that can come out of writing code. Writing good code is like solving a puzzle and coming from a technical background, solving problems has always been a big part of my life. I am excited to use these problem solving skills and work in the web development industry to solve real life puzzles through the art of writing code.

What I do

Coming from a computer science background, I like to dip my toes in all different kinds of programming languages. I have experience building software in programming languages such as C, Java, & Python. I specialize in HTML, CSS, & Javascript to help me build beautiful web pages. I am currently seeking opportunities which will allow me to bring my strong JavaScript & React skills to the fascinating world of web development.

My Skills

Latest Works


This is a fully responsive PSD conversion.
HTML5 - CSS3 - Sass - Responsive

Latest Works


This is a group project built using the setlist.fm API.
Javascript - API - jQuery - HTML5 - Sass

Latest Works

Bill Splitter

This is a bill splitter app for roommates built using react.
React - Firebase - Javascript - Sass

Latest Works

Scramble Game

This is a pair programming word scramble game.
Javascript - jQuery - HTML5 - Sass

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